# Seven Questions

SevenQ is a way to translate human/natural language(e.g English) into computer language (e.g. Javascript).

# This will/can be used to:

  • Natural Programming language - ask questions & issue commands to Machine in Human, natural language. Help to eliminate the need in the boiler-plate code of modern programming languages and "democratize" the software development to include normal people(as opposed to programmers only)

  • Build a Matrix - engine to process, analyze and manage all of measurable reality

  • Build a natural Hive/Crowd Intelligence - combine knowledge & coordinate action of Human prosumers. As opposed to current, so-called "AI", the Artificial INTUITION, ie knowing something is correct, without knowing why, gut instinct, hunch

  • Exact Language translation - translate from any language, to any language, precisely. As opposed to mainstream AI translation, based on neural networks(ie artificial intuition, guess)

The core idea is to implement the Gotfried Leibnitz's idea of Characteristica Universalis using Aristotle's work on Categories. So the ideas are pretty old, but modern computers have abilities Leibnitz & Aristotle never dreamt of - that's our chance to stand on the shoulders of giants